Booking Questions

The first step is contacting us via phone or email to schedule a consult! This is our way of getting to know you, and your photography needs. Plan on approximately 30-60 minutes for your consultation to be able to cover all of the topics that will be discussed. At the end, we will select the best date, time, and location available for your photo session(s).

Yes we require a deposit for most packages. Deposits are due at the time of booking to ensure your selected date and times are secured. The remaining amount for your chosen package will be due at the time of the photoshoot.

We ask you to please call or email us and we will be happy to answer any questions.

We accept cash, check, card or venmo, payment is due at the time of photo session or prior. Thank you for understanding.

Photo Sessions

Around 10 minutes early. You’ll be more relaxed and your session can be completed on time.

We schedule time based on the estimated session length. During the event if you request to go over the scheduled time; for example, a wedding or special event, this is normally not a problem.

This is why we do not schedule sessions back-to-back.  We normally charge a hourly rate for requests over the scheduled amount.